Range Pricing

Range Fees
  $15.00 for first shooter on lane
  $10.00 for second and third shooter on same lane

Shooters Cards
  5 Visit Card- $67.50 (10% off)
  10 Visit Card- $135.00 (10% off)
  15 Visit Card- $191.25 (15% off)

Rental Fees
    Pistol: $10.00 
    Semi-Auto Rifle: $15.00
    -Swap out pistol and semi-auto rifles without additional rental fees.

Full Auto and other NFA
  Firearms: $50/hr plus ammo
  Supressors: $25.00 each

Eye and Ear Protection Rental: $1.00
   (includes one, the other or both eye and ear)

Range Memberships

Premium Memberships
  Individual-        $400.00 annually or
                             $35.00 billed monthly
  Family-              $600 annually or
                             $52.00 billed monthly 

Basic Membership
  Single Shot-     $300.00 annually or
                            $25.00 billed monthly
       (Single Shot includes range time only)

All members are a 1 year minimum contract