What is Cerakote™?

Cerakote™ has a unique ceramic structure that out-performs any competitive coating and improves performance in both laboratory and real world settings. Cerakote™ coatings are formulated for specific applications and technical requirements. Current Cerakote™ product lines include coatings specifically for firearms, exhaust systems, pistons and high wear applications. In addition, Cerakote™ is available in a line of ceramic clear coats.

Cerakote™ Pricing

Pricing for Cerakote™ finishing depends on the size of the firearm and the complexity of the design.

Firearm Type One Standard Color Two Standard Colors
Pistol $125 $135
Pistol Frame or Slide Only $65 $80
Shotgun $120 $135
Rifle $125 $140
Modern Sporting Rifle** Complete*** $225 $245
Modern Sporting Rifle* Parts Ask for Quote
Scope $45 $65
Knife $35 $45
Small Part $30 min $50

Prep Fees*: Knife or small part: $15.00; Pistol: $30.00; Rifles and Shotguns: $35.00

*Prep Fees are in addition to the above prices and include assembly, disassembly, cleaning and prep.  To ensure proper surface preparation of the firearm or parts to be finished, the gunsmith will prep all parts.  Disassembled firearms and parts will still be charged all prep fees.

**Modern Sporting Rifles include AR-10, AR-15, AK-47, etc.

***Complete includes Firearm, Scope, Rings and one Mag


A wide assortment of colors are available for your firearm that help you to make it “Yours.”