Shooters Supply

At Rowdy’s Range, we try to be a shooters supply center with everything you might need or access to it from ammo to gun parts, gun accessories to sights & scopes.

Gun Parts & Accessories


We carry a wide array of firearm ammunition including popular calibers .45, 9mm, & .223.


From the popular AR-15 to Colt 1911, Glock to Ak-47, Rowdy’s Range carries a variety of firearms for sales & operates as a UT FFL gun store.

Cleaning Supplies

Everything from lubricants and solvents to brushes and even thread-locker, Rowdy’s has what you need to maintain your firearms in perfect working order.


Gun Parts

Gun parts for our popular models, including AR-15 & AK-47, for pistols & handguns, rifles and shotguns. Our shooters’ supply gun parts inventory carries firearm barrels, grips & sights to customize your firearm to your shooting style.


From range targets to magazines, speedloaders to holsters Rowdy’s Range carries the gun accessories you need.

Personal Defense

We carry a wide of array of non lethal weapons for personal safety including pepper spray (MACE), knives, even stun guns and tasers.

Optics Installation

 Rowdy’s not only carries rifle & hunting scopes and sights, red dot & laser sights too, but will install firearm optics & customized sights.

Sight, Scopes & Optics

Rowdy’s carries a host of hunting sights, scopes and optics for the avid hunter or marksman, with sight-in capabilities on site & installation assistance.

Free safety class with every new firearm purchase.

Let's Go!

Try it. Buy it. Train with it. All in one place - Rowdy's Range.

Not sure which firearm is for you? Stop in and visit wiht our experieced staff and discover a world of information, knowledge and also the ability to rent a variety of guns before you buy. We're the only gun store in Washington County where you can shoot a gun before making a purchase.  

About Us

Our mission is simple, provide the best brands, expert service, and build a community of gun enthusiasts.

With more than 25 years in the industry, we are positive you will find the brands we sell, the staff and members in our commnuity to be knowledgable, inviting and most of all safe. When we educate together, we train together, we can save lives together.

"Absolutely brilliant day out at Rowdy's. We were visiting Utah and as a father I was looking for a safe and professional place for us to shoot handguns and automatic weapons for the first time. Excellent service, really professional team and a great time had by all. Can't recommend Rowdy's enough."
Edwin Dando

"The staff at Rowdys is so kind so professional. I observed staff assisting some men that are new to firearms. The staff was nice and helpful in educating the customer and was Not demeaning in any way. Amazing range and staff."


"Rowdy’s was great! Good time. Fair prices and well outfitted for all your fun range needs. Well trained staff. Friendly. Clean."

Emily Henderson

Join Us

Our Range Members Are Like Family

With a large variety of firearms training classes, shooting events, educational safety courses, and more, we are sure you will love Rowdy's Range and Shooters Supply as much as we do. We not only offer a full range of accessories and parts, but we offer expert installation, gun repairs, and more on the most common firearms.

We are a proud USCCA Official Partner and look forward to serving you and your firearm safety needs. 

Contact Us

Located just west of I-15 in St George, contact us with questions regarding classes, indoor range, store hours, inventory, classes or anything else, we are here to help.

(435) 275-2550

610 Industrial Rd, St. George, UT 84770

Mon-Sat: Members only 8am-10am, Open to public 10am-7pm, Sunday: Closed