Rowdy’s has teamed up with Zion Country Off-Road Tours to provide a fun outdoor shooting experience as an add-on to your Jeep Tour. By combining an off-road jeep tour and an outdoor shooting range experience, you will create once in a lifetime memories in a single day. Offering daily departures at 9:45 a.m. (advanced reservations required) and accepting groups up to 11 people (children eight years of age and older). Please note all shooting packages include eye and ear protection and personal firearms safety instruction for each person in your tour group.  Rowdy’s takes firearm safety very seriously to ensure a fun by safe experience for you and your group.

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Outdoor Shooting Packages

Urban Law Enforcement- $225 per person

  • AR-15 semi-automatic with 60 rounds 5.56 NATO ammunition
  • Glock 19 with 50 rounds 9 mm ammunition
  • 4 Paper Targets

This package allows you, the shooter, the opportunity to fire two of the most common firearms purchased in America today. The AR-15 is the wildly popular sporting rifle that is modular, making it possible to customize it to the owner’s desires and preferences. The Glock 19 has been the most popular handgun for many years because of its reliability, cost, and that it is used by 65% of police departments across the United States.


Long Range Sniper – $300 a person

  • Remington 700 with 20 rounds .308 WIN ammunition
  • Armalite AR-50 with 5 rounds 50 BMG ammunition
  • Glock 19 with 100 rounds 9mm ammunition
  • 4 Paper Targets

This package allows the shooter, the opportunity to shoot two popular long range rifles including the AR-50 plus the popular 9mm Glock 19. This rifle has a maximum range of 2,400 yards and is a definite must do for the guest wanting a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Extras – Available be purchased in addition to your package on-site

    • Targets – $2.00 each
    • .22LR Rifle w/ 100 rounds $30.00 (good for the kids)
    • Full Auto AR-15 w/ 60 rounds $100.00
    • 50 rounds 9mm ammunition $20.00
    • 20 rounds 5.56 NATO ammunition $15.00
    • 20 rounds .308 WIN ammunition $25.00
    • 5 rounds 50 BMG ammunition $50.00
    • 1lb Exploding targets – $10.00 each
    • 2lb Exploding targets – $20.00 each
      (The exploding targets will enhance your shooting experience. The report of a hit by an exploding target is exhilarating.

How to book your shooting tour

Follow these steps to book your ATV shooting experience:

  1. Visit Zion Country Jeep Tours and book the “Full Auto Jeep Tour” on your specified date.
  2. Once the tour is booked we will contact you for package choices and payment.