The Range

Rowdy’s is excited to provide the first indoor shooting range experience in Southern Utah. Rowdy’s hosts a 6 lane, 25 yard range that is air conditioned for year round shooting comfort. The advanced air handling system is designed to exceed OSHA indoor shooting range clean air standards, protecting each shooter from airborne lead contaminants.


Rowdy’s does not charge an hourly rate to use the range. We charge a one-time, daily fee to use the range. You are welcome to stay as long as you would like.

Daily Range Fee – $15.00
Additional lane fee per person on the same lane – $10.00

Purchase a Rowdy’s Shooters Card for discounted, pre-purchased indoor range time.
Membership Packages – (See our Membership Packages)


Ear Muffs and Safety Glasses are available for rent: $1 for the pair.
(all shooters MUST have eye and ear protection on before entering the indoor range)


Rowdy’s rental firearm collection is filled with the most popular firearms purchased today. Our rental firearms are maintained to the highest of standards to ensure your experience with each gun gives you the true feel for its operational characteristics.
-The only time we REQUIRE you to shoot our ammunition is if you are shooting our rental firearms. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
-To rent Rowdy’s firearms you must be able to legally own a firearm.
-Rowdy’s reserves the right to refuse to rent a firearm to anyone for any reason.


Pistol Price – $10.00/ Day
Tactical/Sporting Rifle Price – $15.00/ Day
You may exchange your rental handgun or semi-auto rifle for another without charge. Changing calibers of rental guns will require the additional purchase of ammunition.

Full Auto Rifles Price – $50.00/Hr Each