Defensive Pistol 1

A Live fire firearms class that helps develop the most basic of shooting skills.

The course will introduce the participant to firearm safety, marksmanship fundamentals, malfunction clearance procedures and proficient gun-handling techniques.

Covered in the course:

  • The 4 rules of firearm safety
  • The 7 fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Safe loading and unloading of firearms
  • The firing cycle of pistols
  • Live-fire exercises to develop the student’s shooting skills

Course Fees: $100.00

Course Instructor: TBD

Required Course Materials: A firearm in proper working condition (firearms are available for rent upon request); extra magazines/speedloaders; eye and ear protection; clothing suitable for an outdoor range environment (no open-toed shoes or sandals); minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition. (The more ammunition you bring, the more you’ll be able to practice!)(Ammo is available for purchase in the retail shop.) A holster and magazine/speedloader carrier are optional. We will not draw the pistol from the holster during the Basic Course but they can be used to carry the firearm to and from the range.

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